Summer Ceasar Salad with BBQ Chicken

Summer Ceasar Salad with BBQ Chicken

Thin cuts of meat like ribs, chicken, fish, and thin steaks and chops need almost no time to rest after cooking. They just don’t have enough mass to hold a lot of residual heat, so there is little, if any, carry-over cooking, and if you let them rest too long, they’re cold!

Cook Time: 30 mins.  

(Best if you use a BBQ)

Gluten Free (if you don't use the croutons)


Organic Hazemere Farm kale, romaine lettuce, Cob's sourdough bun, caesar dressing, garlic, chicken breasts, lemon, parmesan, shallot + pickling mix.

From your kitchen:

Salt, pepper + olive oil.

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