Soba Noodles, Bok Choy with Sweet + Sour Tofu

Soba Noodles, Bok Choy with Sweet + Sour Tofu

The problem with using a very hot frying pan to stir fry with minced garlic and ginger is that you’ll probably burn it. When you’re going for a more delicate flavour, especially in a bok choy dish, you might not want bitter. Simply add the minced garlic and green onion in Step 3 to the oil before it heats up. The longer the aromatics stay in contact with the oil (without burning) – the more flavour gets infused into the oil.

Cook time: 35 mins

Includes: Organic tofu, garlic, fresh ginger, eggs, soba noodles, pea shoots, green onions, baby bok choy, Fuud marinade, Fuud tofu sauce.

From your kitchen: Olive oil, salt + pepper

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