Orecchiette with Sage, Squash + Kale

Orecchiette with Sage, Squash + Kale

Orecchiette derives from the Italian orecchia, meaning ‘ear’, and -etta, meaning ‘small’ are a variety of pasta typical of Apulia, a region of southern Italy. Their name comes from their shape, which resembles a small ear. In the vernacular of Taranto it is called recchietedd, or chiancaredd. A slightly flatter version is called cencioni, while in the vernacular of Bari strascinate are more similar to cavatelli.

Cook Time: 30 mins. 


Butternut squash, red onion, orecchiette pasta, garlic, kale, white wine, cream, goat cheese + sage.

From your kitchen:

Olive oil, salt + pepper

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