The GoodStuff Smoothie Pack

The GoodStuff Smoothie Pack

These "ready-to-blend" smoothies can help you meet your health goals. Just like a meal prep service - but for breakfast!

Includes 3 smoothies.

THE MADAGASCAR: Made with B.C-grown goji berries, known as the "happy berry", it's the perfect way to de-stress. The virgin strawberry daiquiri flavour is perfect for kids or smoothie newbies. Say goodbye to cereal in the morning, say hello to the good stuff.

THE GOOD MORNING: This matcha-infused smoothie will get your motor running without making you crash later in the day. Plus we use delicious, B.C.-grown ingredients, so you'll want to wake up and hit blend instead of snooze. Its aromatic pineapple-mango taste will whisk you off to Caribbean paradise. You might even forget about your workday altogether. 

THE DIESEL MONSTER: Whether you're looking to pump up your post-workout gains or just get your daily protein and veggies, the Diesel Monster will fill your tank. Plus, its smooth peanut butter-cacao flavour will have you roaring for more.

Try mixing these smoothies with coconut water or orange juice for a little extra flavour. 

Gluten-Free | Vegan | Non-GMO 

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