8oz Organic Blue Goose Steak x 1

8oz Organic Blue Goose Steak x 1

Blue Goose has been proudly raising cattle in Cariboo, BC, since 1992. They follow a vertically integrated approach to looking after otheir animals, controlling each step from birth to retail.

Blue Goose calves are raised by their mothers until they are weaned, and then they have free range to forage organic pasture. Additionally, Blue Goose strive to provide the highest standards of animal feed and care.

This means the animals are unmedicated beyond vaccinations for disease prevention; they receive a l00% vegetarian finishing feed free of added antibiotics and growth hormones; and they are processed at a government certified Abattoir. The custom grain finished beef that results from our efforts has no artificial additives or preservatives and is noted for its exquisite tenderness.

Find out more: http://bluegoosecattle.com/

Includes 1 steak, packaged by Cioffi's. 

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