Thomson Tran, Local Chef of the Wooden Boat Food Company

Devon Kirchner

Thomson Tran is the chef for the Wooden Boat Food Company and featured a wonderful recipe for our meal kit delivery menu! Delicious tastes from Vietnam

To me, Vietnamese food is comfort food. When it rains like it does around here, all I dream of is slurping big bowls of hot Pho, stuffing my face full of Salad Rolls, and dipping steaming spring rolls into tangy Nước chấm.

We are very lucky in Vancouver to have access to so many different kinds of foods influenced by places across the globe. These foods are crafted by extremely talented chefs, which Vancouver is also not in short supply of.

Thompson Tran started his cooking career like many others: cleaning and washing dishes. After successfully pursuing the musical arts in his youth, he fell back into cooking and enrolled in culinary school. Since then, he has become a highly respected chef in Vancouver, working at restaurants such as Bishop's, Il Giardino and Nu.

Thompson wanted to craft a sauce that would not only help create Vietnamese cuisine, but also to infuse dishes with Asian flavours. Nước chấm is just this; a versatile sauce with all elements of umami. Sweet, salty, savoury, spicy, it has it all.

Thompson's Nước chấm was featured in the Panfried Ling Cod with Wilted Greens. But if you have a little left over, try it out on something new; chicken wings, roasted squash, anything!

You might just discover something great.

PS Check out our video from the Vancouver Aquarium's 2016 Oceanwise Chowder Chowdown featuring our good friend Thompson Tran of The Wooden Boat Food Company (aka best Nước chấm in the city!)

VIDEO: Thomson Tran @ 2016 Oceanwise: Chowder Chowdown