Discover Canada’s Only Organic Sturgeon Fish Farm

Devon Kirchner

If you're like me, when you hear the phrase “fish farm”, the same images probably flash into your mind; large nets or tanks and a potential threat to local species.

Farmed fish are a product of our own culinary desires; mass overfishing has decimated wild populations, and as a result fish farming has grown to accommodate our taste for the fruits of the sea.

In BC we have something special. As is common in folks from these parts, we find ways to do things differently, to innovate and push forward when what is being done around us doesn’t line up with who we want to be. Head Chef Josh McWilliams was lucky to visit and chat with one of these innovators, Justin Henry of Northern Divine Aquafarms.

Click the Sturgeon to Watch Our Visit To Northern Divine!

Northern Divine is a recirculating, land based sturgeon fish farm that produces the only certified organic sturgeon and caviar in Canada! They raise their sturgeon in clean, fresh water tanks that are equipped with filters and scrubbers that clean the water before sending it back to recirculate. This system conserves up to 99% of the water and heating energy requirements, which we think is pretty spectacular.

Stay up to date for the next time we feature this wonderful white sturgeon on our recipes, from the only organic sturgeon fish farm in BC!