Natural Pastures Cheese Company

Devon Kirchner

90 years - and three generations - goes by pretty quickly when you're good at what you do

Natural Pastures Cheese Company brought to you by the Smith family has been tending to the same heritage dairy farm in the beautiful Comox Valley long before I (and probably you!) were born. Letting their cows and Water Buffalo graze on the unique terroir of the coastal island, the milk produced is truly one of a kind.

With this in mind...

Smith brothers Phillip, Edgar and Doug decided to take a leap into the unknown and try their hand at cheesemaking. That is, with the help of Paul Sutter, a Swiss cheesemaker. Using a fusion of traditional and modern techniques, Natural Pastures has crafted some of the finest cheese in BC (and Canada!). Since their start not only have they been innovators (creating the first 100% Canadian Buffalo Mozzarella and inventing their very own cheese: the Verdelait), but they do it with the stewardship of their land and animals as top priority.

We are excited to use Natural Pastures Cheese Company's Buffalo Mozzarella in our Penne with Bell Peppers, Olives and Lemon!