Meet the Biota Crew

Devon Kirchner

Meet Brad and James:

Two chefs with a passion for food, who bonded over a shared love of fermentation. Together they began Biota Fermentation; a company committed to crafting high quality, gut-friendly foods using many of the excellent BC farms we do! 

Today, fermented foods are not longer relegated as a sub-category of sustenance, the stuff your grandma pulled out of the cupboard as you wrinkled your nose at the sourness that wafted from the jar. Fermented foods are finally getting the credit they deserve: as probiotic powerhouses that can help aid digestion (thanks, lactobacillus!), heal eczema, boost immunity and much more!

I think the boys say it best:

"We believe that fermentation deserves perfection, and the unique blend of science and art required to properly and safely ferment is where our passion starts. The use of seasonal and sustainable local produce, a blend of old techniques and new ideas is used to set a new standard for delicious, high quality fermented foods. Every one of our products is a celebration of flavour that simultaneously enhances the taste while still respecting the source ingredient."

Check out this video of the guys whipping up their Herbed Pork Chop with Roasted Garlic & Saurkraut!