Grits with Chorizo and Smoky Beans

Devon Kirchner

Let's talk about grits.

Despite what you may think, grits are not the residue that tips out of your shoes after a day at the beach, nor is it something you spend hours picking out of your teeth after a big meal.

Grits are much more than that. For the folks who reside in the "grits belt" of the American South, they are a sacred tradition and uniquely bound to the culture and heritage of states like South Carolina, Louisiana & Georgia. Grits are a simple food with a multitude of uses. They can be creamy, crunchy, sweet, savoury: the possibilities are endless.

My favourite way to eat grits is with a load of butter, salt, and a generous handful of sharp cheddar. Feel free to try it out with your favourite cheese (or cheese substitute) in this week's gluten and dairy free Chorizo with Spicy Beans!

We can all take a lesson from grits; those tiny grounds of golden corn have the ability to soak up whatever they are thrown into and make something spectacular.