Take Care and Eat Well with Blue Goose Cattle

Devon Kirchner

Take care. Eat well. Simple words to live by. It’s what Doug Sinclair wanted when he started his ranch, Blue Goose Cattle in the Cariboo region in 1992.

Unable to source clean and ethically raised protein for his family, he decided the best way to do that would be to raise it himself. So he did.

Blue Goose Cattle has since become a shining example of what organic farming should be; committed to the welfare and stewardship of the animals and land, and the fostering of a strong sense of community. It’s hard for us to imagine, down here in our cozy metropolis, being on a ranch. Early mornings, long days, trudging through the heat and the mud and the snow and probably some cow patties, and yet people like Doug Sinclair do it. Every day.

And we are lucky, and we are thankful. Because when we sit down to our meal and take those first bites, the difference in the flavour and texture and feeling of the meat makes all the difference in the world. To be able to taste the sweetness in the grass, the nuttiness of the feed, the subtle symphony that is so often lost in commercial beef, truly makes it worth the while. And we think Doug would agree.

We are proud to use Blue Goose Organic Beef in our meal kits, including this weeks Scandinavian Meatballs. We hope you savor the flavour as much as we do. Just a gentle reminder to get your orders in by each Tuesday to ensure weekend delivery.