Forstbauer Farm - Growing Food Organically

Devon Kirchner

Founded in 1977 by Hans and Mary Forstbauer in Chilliwack, BC, Forstbauer Farm is committed to growing organic food using Biodynamic Principles.

A biodynamic farm is seen as a whole organism that maintains its own complex ecosystem. Using substitution techniques to find alternatives to chemicals and other conventional agricultural tools, Biodynamic farms focus on the health of the farm and the soil, not on the short term gains of high yielding crops.

The farm today is guided by the principle of growing healthy food while being good stewards of the land and to share their passion with all who surround them.

You can enjoy Forstbauer Farms Carrots in this week's Sweet Steelhead Salmon with Pistachio Carrots. Learn more about the farm here!

Check out this incredible short video featuring the late Mary Forstbauer on the importance of thinking before you eat.