Cooking is connecting.

Fuud is convenient, but it's not about rushing to get through dinner. It's about saving you a little time so you can slow down, and reconnect with the flavours, stories and meaning food can have in your life.

You've gotta eat. So make it count.

Whether it's a new take on a classic recipe or an international fusion using local ingredients, all of our meals are created by local chefs working with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Ingredients with a sense of place.

We strive to source our ingredients locally from sustainable, ethical, and organic producers. Each month, we'll tell you the story of those farmers, helping you connect with your place in the broader food community.

Fuud is so much more than food.

Fuud is never just food. At a time when something as basic as food gets lost in the rush of modern life, we hope to bring people back to the kitchen to laugh, learn , and reconnect with everything food has always been about.

Our hearts are really into this.

And our bellies too.

We started Fuud to bring some flavour back into all our lives. The modern hustle from home to work to couch just felt like it was missing something, like a dish without seasoning. But one day, cooking ourselves up some homemade pancakes made us realize – life was missing the simpler things, like homemade pancakes.

We believe there’s a reason people turn to food for comfort, celebration, or a connection to their heritage or traditions. Food means something to all of us. Whether it’s pancakes or farm-fresh dishes created with local ingredients, Fuud is about letting everyone eat like they mean it every day. So let’s bring that missing flavour back into our lives.

Riti Chrea


Thomas Buchan